IV Therapy:
The LiveWell Clinic, Clive, 515-279-9900
Health Partners Med Spa, West Des Moines, 515-537-1000
New Leaf Wellness, Clive, 515-657-6210
Health Studio and IV Spa, Grimes, 515-695-7195
Integrative Family Medicine of Iowa, West Des Moines and Ankeny, 515-218-1399
Iowa IV, Des Moines, 515-630-1004
Vivid Life Spa, Norwalk, offers mobile service, 515-537-6590
LIVE Hydration Spa, West Des Moines, 515-985-2676
Ames, IA, IV Therapy Services

Chiropractic Care:
Dr. Jennifer Katzer, Chiropractic/Cranial Sacral Therapy, Infinite Family Chiropractic, Cumming, 515- 528-2287
Dr. Candace Seuferer, Infinite Chiropractic and Wellness, Winterset, 515-462-6787

Functional Dentists:
Dr. Cody Kreigel, Corridor Dental, North Liberty, 319-359-6700
Dr. Chia Wu, Urbandale Smiles, Urbandale, 515-207-4388
Dr. Mindy Richtsmeier, Apex Dental, West Des Moines, 515-224-1618

Hyperbaric Oxygen:
Dr. Chris LoRang, Iowa HBOT/Capital Chiropractic, Des Moines, 515-421-4018

Energy Medicine:
Christie Steiger, ZyraLife,

Rebecca Sloan,, (offers EMDR)
Mollie Douglas,, (offers EMDR, hypnotherapy)
Carrie Leaf,, (offers EMDR, hypnotherapy)
Kayla Wagener, Windsor Heights, 515-274-8748
Shannon Myers,
Rooted Insights, Urbandale, 319-512-7250,, adults and children (EMDR, play, art and pet therapies available)
Centra Iowa Psychological Services, Ames (telehealth options),, 515-348-8257, adults and children (counseling, med management, TMS, psych testing, substance abuse)
Krista Brittain, PsyD, West Des Moines, 515-267-1996,, adults and children (testing-cognitive, learning, educational, psychological)
Birchwood Wellness, adults and children, Ankeny 515-289-1515​​​​​​​

Eating disorders:
Carrie Leiran, UnityPoint, 515-241-8686
Kim Tallon, Prairie Wellness, Des Moines, 515-619-6927
Red Couch Counseling, Johnston/Ankeny/Grinnell, 515-954-9865

Physical Therapy:
CORE PT, West Des Moines,
Whitney Carlson, Neurokinetic Therapy, 515-883-0005
Nicole Smith, Millenium Therapy, Winterset, 515-462-1999
​​​​​​​Katy Kass, neurokinetic therapy/trauma, 515-720-5195,

Pelvic Rehab:
Kerry Hardy, CORE PT, WDM, 515-440-3439
Stephanie Berry, Millennium Therapy, Winterset, 515-462-1999
Breathe PT, Beaverdale, 515-255-3932

Jill Kruger, Unwind Massage, Cumming, 515-975-2949
Jessica Baier, Cumming/Winterset, 641-221-0363

Dr Sophia Kang, Integrative Psych/Mercy One, 515-247-4240
Birchwood Wellness, Ankeny, 515-289-1515
Birchwood Wellness, Integrative Psych, Megan Patrick NP, Ankeny 515-289-1515

Orthopedic PRP injections:
Dr. Chad Carlson, Stadia Sports Medicine, West Des Moines, 515-221-1102
Dr. Michael Jackson, Regenexx, Des Moines, 515-882-0693

Prolozone Injection Therapy:
Dr Kramer, Minnetonka, Minn;
Iowa Wellness Center, North Liberty, 319-289-0666

Functional/Naturopathic Oncology:
Dr. Lucas Tims, Hays, Kansas; 913-745-4757

Pediatric Neurology:
Infinity Functional Neurology,

Elite Eye Care, Vision therapy, Waukee, 515-987-3837
Dr. Matthew Ward, Valley Eye Clinic, West Des Moines, 515-223-1266

Sound Bath/healing/others:
InnerSpace Salt Lounge, Des Moines
Resonate,, Norwalk
Sounds for the Soul,
Fade Away Floatation,
Perspire Sauna Studio,

Sara Hunt, Priority Health,

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine:
Dr. Kate Heineman, West Des Moines,
Dr. Shannon Crout, Whole Person Wellness, West Des Moines, 515-271-1722
Dr. Chris Ketter, UnityPoint, Ankeny, 515-964-6999

ADD/Autism/PANS/Autoimmune encephalitis:
Karn Johansen, PA; Clarion, IA; 515-532-2836
Dr. Cheryl Standing, Creston, 641-782-3982

Health Coaching/Nutrition
Michelle (Shelly) Naughton, Fleche Coaching & Consulting

Kelby at
Dani at
Jen at (Theta Healing),
Lori Graff,

Lymphatic Massage
Carmen Satre, LMT

ArleeVa123! none 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM 8:30 AM - 4:30PM 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Closed Closed Closed # # # 7986 SE Orilla Rd Cumming IA 50061 5154937096 5156084397