Infinite Functional Blood Chemistry Panels
These panels are for adults and children. Child must be 65lbs or greater due to volume of blood needed.
Price listed does not include consultation time.

Infinite Basic Panel (19 lab tests, 46 markers)
Comprehensive markers for nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, toxicity, immune strength, inflammation

Infinite Female Panel ( 25 Tests, 76 markers)
The Basic Panel with additional female sex hormones and cardiovascular risk markers

Infinite Male Panel (25 Tests, 75 markers)
The Basic Panel with additional male sex hormones, prostate and cardiovascular risk markers

Stool/microbiome testing (GI Map- Diagnostic Solutions)
Comprehensive stool analysis. DNA testing for pathogens and bacterial imbalances. Markers for gut inflammation, digestion, and immune strength
“What's going on with my gut?”

Food Sensitivity Testing (Alletess or US Biotek)
Blood spot or blood draw
Antibody testing for 96 foods or 184 foods
What foods is my immune system attacking?
What foods are contributing to my inflammation?

Alletess IgG or IgA
​​​​​​​96 foods $204
184 foods $313

US Biotek IgG and IgA
144 foods $434
Mold testing (RealTime Labs or Great Plains Lab)
Urine testing for mold toxin excretion
“Is mold being stored in my body? How much?”
$299 Great Plains
$349 RealTime

Heavy Metals Testing (Urine Toxic Metals-Doctors Data/Labrix)
Urine testing for metals excretion
“Are metals being stored in my body? How Much?”
Doing this test with or without chelator (extra charge) will be determined by Dr. Lori.

Additional Hormone Testing (beyond blood testing) (DUTCH)
DUTCH Complete
​​​​​​​Urine test for excretion of adrenal and female hormones
"Am I utilizing/breaking down my hormones properly?"

DUTCH Sex Hormone Metabolites
Urine text for excretion of sex hormones
"Are you interested in sex hormone metabolism but not cortisol?"

Additional Hormone Testing (beyond blood testing) (Doctors Data/Labrix)
Salivary hormone levels- adrenal and/or female hormones
“What are the hormone levels in my tissues?” - believed to be a better marker for hormone levels than blood when using Estrogen replacement therapy. Best way to look at cortisol levels through the day.
$176-250 depending on test ordered

Urine Organic Acids (Great Plains Lab)
“What am I eliminating in urine?”- looks at breakdown products of mold, yeast, bacteria, vitamins, toxins (in general)
Good test for kids who can’t do a blood draw to get a “big picture”
$229 for microbes only
Antibody/Immune system testing (Cyrex Labs)
Many options. Blood tests.
Most recommended tests:
Array 12 (antibodies against pathogens)
Array 5 (autoimmune processes)
Array 3x, 4 (gluten and gluten related issues)
“What is going on with my immune system/my inflammation?”
$250-650 depending on test ordered

Nutrient deficiencies (beyond the Infinite Functional Blood Panels) (SpectraCell)
Blood test for specific micronutrients, vitamins and minerals
“What am I deficient in? I want to know all of the levels.”

Cancer testing (Galleri)
Detection of early tumor markers (methylated DNA) in the blood
Early detection of 50 types of cancer, many that do not have traditional screening tests.
“Do I have any cancer cells that are detectable? I want to catch it early and make a plan to reverse the process.”

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